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Group One
Apparition Hallway
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Apparition Dreams
Fri, 1 Jul 2011
Grandma Lewis
I walked across the wooden front porch.  It spanned the front of the old two story house.  I had been invited in through the front door I went.  My eyes darted around the room full of beautiful antique furniture.  I started to recognize pieces.  A woman spoke to me.  Started to describe the history of the furniture and family.  It was Grandma Lewis.  I recognized her and explained to her who I was.  I hoped she would believe me and not think I was nuts.  I was 100 years back from my own time.  She believed me and even said she knew because of the family resemblence (reference to something during the day). Grandpa Lewis sat in an overstuffed chair with a pipe and a newspaper.  He smiled at me.  Grandma showed me beautiful furniture and an old small-size piano.  I actually touched the ivory keys and played a few notes admiring the carved wood.  I told grandma I still have the sewing table piece and the piano too, but corrected myself because I don't actually have the piano. (didn't know why I said that I did).  I asked Grandma where Nana was. (I said Nana out loud in my sleep).  I was so excited to see her.  I had to correct my question to Helen.  I know Nana was my name for Helen.  She said she wanted to show me the rest of the house first and to go through that door over there (pointing to my left at the back of the room).  I went through the door and Grandma said "I'll be right with you child".  The door closed.  Beyond it was a modern hallway, long and empty with many doors on both sides and all were closed.  White drywall, pecan colored doors, new carpet (modern from my day).  It was cold feeling, confusing.  I felt small and lonely.  There was a curved door at the end of the hall that I found architecturally interesting.  What era would I reach through that door?

Posted by adessa at 00:01 EDT
Updated: Fri, 8 Jul 2011 17:24 EDT
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