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Apparition Hallway
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Apparition Dreams
Thu, 7 Jul 2011
The Bear

The dream is haunting my sleep.  The third time now in two weeks:

As I stepped on the porch and the dog went into the backyard I heard a growling from behind the garden about 60 yards away.  It was a bear rocking back and forth on his front paws.  My concern was getting the 100 pound elderly dog back in the house.  I know the cats are in the house.  Not as much of a problem as they can both climb any of the abundant trees higher than the bear can.  The dog runs back in the house, I go down on the ground unable to run… I wake up.

The second dream is virtually the same, only the bear is by the graveyard only 30 yards from the house.  In each dream I scream for help.  Each time the dog makes it back to the front door and my legs turn to butter and I end up crawling just before I wake up.

The third dream the dog ran out the front door after a deer in the front yard.  I heard the growling near the pasture fence to my right less than 10 yards away.  I screamed for help and the dog ran back into the open door of the house, but again I was left outside the door, my weak legs collapsing and I was crawling to the door… again I woke up.

What is the meaning of the bear and why is he getting closer every dream? Why is my concern for others in the dream followed by my inability to help myself?

Posted by adessa at 00:01 EDT
Updated: Fri, 8 Jul 2011 17:22 EDT
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