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Apparition Hallway
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Apparition Library
Sun, 7 Oct 2018
Apparitions at Mary's 160 year old Farm House

Monday was 10 degrees below zero; Tuesday was expected to be colder. 

Mary, my 95-year-old neighbor, called Monday evening saying she was almost out of wood and also could we show her how to use her woodburner correctly.  She said it was smoking and she thought it would blow up if she loaded it wrong.  So I took off Tuesday to maintain some kind of heat out of our woodburner, then go over Mary’s for the afternoon and heat up her house.

When I got there her and her son Bill were at the kitchen table enjoying some chili she made. It was 12:30 in the afternoon.  I sat in the first chair as you walk into the kitchen so I was facing the back door.  Bill was directly across from me and his body was centered in the door window.  As I spoke to him someone came to the door and I could see them lean into my vision around Bill’s head.  I quickly moved my eyes toward them and was about to say “someone’s here” when I realized there was no one there.  I dismissed it as reflections from something and talked about 10 more minutes.  When I turned to answer Bill and the same thing happened over his other shoulder.  I looked too quickly again and they disappeared. I decided not to be surprised next time, just be calm.  Then they appeared past his right shoulder again.  This time I kept my gaze directly on Bill’s face and used my peripheral vision.  It was an old man; small in stature compared to where his head was in the window.  He was looking around the room and then became very opaque and disappeared.

It was a rush, but it was not over.  Bill left and Mary excused herself to the bathroom and I did the dishes and cleaned the table all the time pondering her home itself.  How many years it has stood.  160 to be exact.  Built by her family in the 1840’s.  We did the woodburner stuff downstairs without incident.  Then when we came upstairs she sat to watch her court TV shows, I got her a sweater and made us some tea.  I was in the kitchen and she was standing by the middle of the TV room going to the chair by the window to watch for deer.  Behind her in the doorway between the TV room and the living room appeared an old lady.  She had on a long dress and her white hair was pulled up on her head.  She was hazy yellow and I could see thru her out the front window.  It appeared like a mirage in the summertime off the heat of the road.  Sort of wavy.  Extending off the edges of her body was a 7-inch soft blur - almost smoky.  I was captivated.  She was very one dimensional, flat.  She looked right at me, but at the same time right thru me. Her facial expression never changed.  My mind tried to communicate with her and time stood briefly still.  Then Mary said something (unaware that I saw something) and I immediately snapped back into our life-plane like a balloon suddenly popping.  I won’t forget the feeling while I was looking at the apparition.  Surreal – Peaceful – I had no physical awareness of my body.  I felt as though I was floating, possibly in her life-plane for a moment.

My only hope is that they are NOT there waiting for Mary.  Know what I mean?  Although it would be comforting to peek into this part of our life cycle, I don’t want Mary to go yet.

Posted by adessa at 12:53 EDT
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